Poster Directions


Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19, 2018

Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf

Campbell Leaper & Carol Martin, Co-Organizers

Directions for Poster Presenters

To keep registration costs down, we use the walls on the hotel meeting room to display posters. Consequently, we have some requirements that are different than you may have found at larger conferences. (Points #4 and #5 below about poster width are especially important to note.)

1. Poster format: Your poster should be a single sheet (as seen at most conferences). If this is your first poster presentation, you can find powerpoint templates for composing posters by searching "scientific poster presentations." If your university does not print posters, you should be able to do this at commercial printing stores such as Kinkos. You would bring/send them the powerpoint, which they would use to print your poster.

2. Poster content: The title of your poster and the authors should appear across the top of your poster. Use a large font size to make it easy for people to read your poster from a distance. Also, try to avoid making your poster too wordy. Some authors make the mistake of making their posters too wordy, which makes it difficult for readers to get a quick overview of your study. (You can always elaborate when discussing your work to viewers.) 

3. Poster paper: If you have options, try to print the poster on light weight paper. Posters printed on heavy card stock usually do not stay up on the wall.

4. Poster width: The width of your poster must not exceed 30 inches (760 millimeters). We have limited space for hanging posters, and therefore we cannot accommodate posters that are wider than this.

5. Bring painter’s tape: Posters will be taped on the walls using the painter's tape (which does not leave a mark on the hotel walls). Please bring your own painter's tape. You should easily find painter's tape at office supply or hardware stores (usually blue in color).

6. Hanging your poster: Please arrive prior to the starting time of your poster session to hang your poster.

7. Copies or sign-up list: You may bring copies of your poster to distribute during your poster session. If so, perhaps bring around 30 copies. Alternatively, you can hang a sign-up list to send people copies after the conference.

8. Questions: If you have questions, contact us at